Phoenix Ash – From Dust

From-Dust Phoenix Ash is one of several visual bands hailing from California.  This power rock band has just come back from a two year hiatus, so I was very curious to hear what they had to offer with their new album “From Dust” which is scheduled to release on May 1st, 2014. The songs from this upcoming album are being released for free download on the band’s official Bandcamp. Two tracks, A New Journey and Stumble and Fall have already been released.

A New Journey is the starter song, and I can completely understand why.  Not only could this refer to the journey the band has taken with the two members who joined back in 2012, but also the lyrics, about creating your own future.  When listening to this song for the first time I immediately pictured this as an opening theme for a show, main song in a movie, or even a nice “anthem”.  It just has this special spark of something that makes the listener feel powerful, although it’s not surprising considering the genre of rock Phoenix Ash plays.  There is also this hint of familiarity that makes this song just so enjoyable.

Keeping up the pace is, Your Legacy, another song with a touch of familiarity and one that blows you away.  With this song was well as several others, it’s almost impossible NOT to lose yourself.  It’s quite obvious the talent the members have and it seems almost destiny that they were able to form such an amazing band.  When this song draws to an end, helped out with an 8-bit feel, it ends with a sad feeling.  Not from the song however, but from me, as I was sorry to hear it end.  Any More With me, is the first bonus track on the album.  While it also happens to be the shortest track, it’s not one to be counted out.  It starts off a little slower than the others, but it’s perfect for the broken love song that it is.  One of the things that stands out the most to me in this song is the bass and solo.  Both are extremely powerful in this track, carrying all the emotions of this song in them.

Stumble and Fall starts off with a distorted guitar.  This, as well as the instrumental backdrop for this song can only be described as groovy.  While the lyrics are pretty interesting to listen to in this song, unfortunately though, I’m more interested in the instruments rather than the vocals.  I recommend listening to this song several times over that way you’re able to enjoy each part separately, as well as one time where you can enjoy everything in unison.  The final song, Last Chance, seems like anything but a chill down song.  At first that is.  This song is an amazing combination of everything that stood out in the previous songs.  A touch of mind-blowing power, that familiarity that makes this seem like it’s been your favorite for ages, a touch of groove, as well as emotions to really bring it all together.  While “A New Journey” seemed like a power anthem, I think this song definitely steals that title.  I really wouldn’t be surprised if I heard everyone singing this…well everywhere. When this song ends it’s in an abrupt way that leaves the listener frustrated as you never wanted it to end.

Since this is the band’s first release in five year, I had high expectations for this album, and I’m pleased to say it was surpassed in every fathomable way.  Truly this was one of the most refreshing albums I’ve had the opportunity to listen to in quite some time.  I give “From Dust” an outstanding score of 9.5/10 and I’m also pleased to announce Phoenix Ash as Visual KEIOS’ International Artist of the Month.  I can’t wait until May 1st so I can purchase a copy to pump myself up with everyday, especially as I enjoy those two extra bonus tracks for the first time.

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Review written by Michelle R. Gaynor(Tenten); the queen of sparkles, and edited by the corseted goddess known as Alicia R. Thomas.